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        A FILM BY
BRIANNE NEIRA               MELISSA INGLE               IAN WHITE

A Coming-of-Age Short Film

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Mission Statement

"A Place For Ashes" explores the abnormal relationship between two sisters who share nothing but blood.

We were frustrated with the vague way sisterhood has been depicted on the screen. Having our own experiences of being the older or younger sibling, we stayed up all night recounting stories of shared sibling trauma. Together, we decided to create an honest portrayal of the difficulties of sisterhood.

Every day we make decisions on the relationships we want to maintain, especially in our post-pandemic society. “A Place for Ashes'' deals with themes that many have struggled with during times of isolation; desiring approval, sisterly love, and what to do with a toxic relationship when it has outstayed its welcome. This poses the more complex question, what if that relationship is with your own family?


Meet the Team

     "A Place For Ashes" is a short indie drama and coming-of-age film by Brianne Neira, Melissa Ingle, and Ian White. It all started at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. We were frustrated that our final semester of college was cut short and felt aimless in isolation, as we had to pause our creative thesis projects. We decided to combine our talents and create a short film. After almost 3 years, our film is ready for its festival run, and there is even more on the horizon. We are in the process of forming our production company, Spiral Films, and are proud to present "A Place For Ashes" as its first project.

     Brianne Neira (they/she) is a queer filmmaker based in Queens, NY. Brianne earned their BFA in Media Arts Production from Emerson College in 2020 and specializes in video editing and directing. Brianne currently works at ABC News as a digitizer and is in training to become an Assistant Editor, while also taking on narrative freelance projects. Most recently, Brianne edited a short feminist horror called "Rotten Meat," which premiered at the Angelika East in NYC. Brianne is passionate about increasing the representation of women and queer people in the industry, something that was important to them while creating this movie and forming Spiral Films. Outside of film production, Brianne loves to cook, paint, and play with her cat Bean. You can find Brianne's portfolio at

     Ian White (He/They) is an actor, musician, and writer based in Queens, NY. After graduating with a degree in Theater and Performance from Emerson College, they focused on broadening their artistic horizons beyond acting. Ian’s creative focuses right now are producing music for artists, short films, and video games, as well as finding rewarding acting projects to contribute to. Ian’s other hobbies include writing, music or otherwise, playing video games, and running Dungeons and Dragons with his friends or professionally at the game store, Last Place on Earth in Brooklyn! They’re looking forward to continuing their creative journey with Spiral Productions.

     Melissa Ingle (she/her/hers) is a Brooklyn-based Queer Director, Podcaster, and Producer. Onstage she has directed "Ranked Choice Dating" (?!: Festival), "Offloading" (NOW Festival), "According to This…” (SQUARE1), and "Shakespeare Translate: Romeo & Juliet" (Doghouse Ensemble Theatre). During the Pandemic, she focused on keeping original storytelling accessible by pivoting her skills to podcasting and film. She is incredibly excited to present "A Place For Ashes" as her debut film. She also is looking forward to premiering the second season of her podcast LGBTDnD, a new dungeons and dragons adventure with an LGBTQIA+ cast.



Featuring four filmmakers who picked up the Audience Choice Award from the New York Lift-Off Film Festival: Directing duo Brianne Neira and Melissa Ingle behind A Place For Ashes, director Malcolm Carter of COMPANY OF PROPHETS, and Douglas Corcoran director of Midwest Ice Age!


We discuss each film while they screen muted in the background, delving deep into the lessons learned by each artist as they tackled their award-winning projects. 

The Audience Choice award is given to the filmmakers whose films received the most votes during the festival. The filmmakers will be invited to join the Lift-Off YouTube channel for a director's commentary roundtable. 

Skip to 7:04 for our winners announcement.

Skip to 22:33 for our directors' interviews.

Skip to 39:10 for our directors' interviews.

Cast and Crew





Executive Producer


Assistant Director


Director of Photography

1st Assistant Camera

2nd Assistant Camera 





Production Designer

Art Assistant

Costume Design


Sound Recordist


Production Assistant






Sound Design

Bailey Macejak

Carly Polistina

Ian White

Brianne Neira, Melissa Ingle, Ian White

Cheyenne Anderson

Brianne Neira, Melissa Ingle

Oliver White


Brianne Neira

Carly Brzostek

Grace Gedeon


Marco Chiriboga

Grace Gedeon


Melissa Ingle

Alex Church-Gonzales

Alex Church-Gonzales


Dana Osburn


Ian White

Grace Gedeon


Brianne Neira

Ian White

Brianne Neira

Brianne Neira, Ian White


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